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Foster Parents Registration System
  Jeremy Nussle
David Porter



Camosun College International Education


The Camosun College International Education department is contracted by the British Columbia government to manage free training programs provided to authorized foster parents in the province. The free courses are offered at a number of locations throughout the province, and are coordinated by the International Education department.

Camosun College is in charge of handling registrations in, and schedules for these courses. Course data, such as class capacities and student grades is also centralized in the Camosun College databases.

Project Abstract

The system currently used by the client is an outdated, insufficient database package for which little support is available. To maintain the current level of operation, and add new features essential for supporting a growing student base, the current system needs to be replaced.

For our project, we will be developing a customizable, web-based registration and data entry system which will fit the needs of the foster parents training program. This database interface will allow staff at Camosun College International Education to enter student, course, and location information for access on the web. It will also allow students of the foster parent training program to use any computer with Internet access to register themselves in courses and retrieve their grades in completed courses.

The system is being developed to facilitate adaptation towards the needs of other registration and data storage applications. As such, the end result will be a scalable application, the usefulness of which will last as long as possible.

Successful completion of the system in development will ease the registration process for students and greatly reduce the workload on Camosun College staff.



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