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Team GeoExplore

Peter Stirton     Colin Bussanich     Evette Patchett


Project Abstract
The GeoExplore Capstone team has continued the development of the GeoExplore Client, formerly called the IWC client. This application retrieves and combines maps and other geographical data from external sources using XML and Java servlets. The GeoExplore Client is developed entirely in Java, and uses Java WebStart for distribution over the Internet.

Sponsored by the NFIS project office at the Pacific Forestry Centre, the GeoExplore Capstone team has been enhancing the GeoExplore Client. The enhancements include improving the user interface, revising source code, and adding help features.

As part of its work, the GeoExplore team was required to learn the development environment. The existing development environment includes Concurrent Versions System (CVS) used for version control, ANT, an XML-based build application, and JUnit, a regression testing framework for developing unit tests in Java.

For successful completion of the project, Java coding skills were essential since existing code needed updating, and new classes were being added. Organization and teamwork were of the utmost importance, as the GeoExplore Capstone team worked very closely with each other on a number of tasks, which included modifying a large code base.

The GeoExplore Capstone team would like to thank their Project Sponsor Rick Morrison, instructor Ken Hartmank, and Faculty Advisor Rob Thorndyke for an excellent experience and successful project.

Corporate Client

Pacific Forestry Centre

The Mission of the Canadian Forest Service:

"To promote the sustainable development of Canada's forests and competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector for the well-being of present and future generations of Canadians."

The Pacific Forestry Centre, as part of the Canadian Forest Service, is responsible for:

  • enhancing Canada's forests and forest sector through the discovery, development, demonstration and transfer of innovations;
  • conducting and publishing research in the areas of forest resources, forest protection, the forest environment, and wood utilization;
  • providing technical advice and scientific information to clients;
  • providing funding and technical services for forest management on federal and Indian lands;
  • generating sound economic information, statistics and advice; and
  • addressing industry, trade and general international issues and opportunities in support of the forest sector.

Working with the four other Canadian Forest Service centres and national headquarters, the Pacific Forestry Centre is committed to excellence in forest research. Through our efforts and those of our partners, we are working to promote the responsible management of Canada's forests.

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