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Project Abstract
Where is my order?   When will it be here?  Do you have any of these in stock?  How long till I can receive 500 of these?

Using leading edge technology, Monk Office Supply wants to provide their Sales Representatives with customer and inventory information at their fingertips. Using a Palm m105 the Sales Reps will have the ability to find a customerís order status and up-to-date inventory information in seconds. 

Currently, Sales Reps obtain customer and inventory information as paper reports prior to each sales call.  These reports provide information useful to Sales Reps during a sales call, but due to the nature of the medium, information may be difficult or time consuming to extract.

Monk desires an innovative approach to arming their Sales Reps with this valuable information.  Using Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and Internet technology, this project will produce a system to meet Monkís current needs as well as allow for future expansion to provide more diverse functionality and content.

Corporate Client




Andrew Coss
Manager Commercial Furniture/M.I.S



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