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Agency Configuration Module
Agency Configuration Team
  Tony Fraser
Andrew Wilkinson
Austin Jay


Corporate Client

Avue Technologies

Avue Technologies is the market and technology leader in workforce management for the public sector.

Project Abstract

Avue Digital Services is a software service that provides US government agencies with tools to manage Human Resources. Currently ADS provides tools for agencies to create job descriptions and post them to Avue’s Applicant Intake system. The AI system allows users to apply for these jobs online and provide personal information and resumes to the agencies

The Agency Configuration Module for Avue Digital Services reduces Avue developers’ time in configuring new agencies and changing the details associated with an agency. This module dynamically generates web pages based on data stored in an Oracle Database. These pages are used to edit data that controls the appearance and behavior of Avue Digital Services. This enables trusted users such as Agency System Administrators and Avue Developers to control exactly what information is displayed to Avue Digital Services' users.

Team Members:



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