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GuitarBot Composer
Development Team
         Rob Dunsmuir      Graham Davis     Dolim Chow
Team GuitarBot Composer
Rob Dunsmuir (left), Graham Davis (center) and Dolim Chow (right)


Corporate Client

Perfect World Innovations Inc.


Project Abstract

  The GuitarBot is a robotic device that plays electric guitar music.

This machine is able to perform functions that human guitarists can not. The picking precision, note placement and sound quality performed by the GuitarBot is second to none.

The GuitarBot Composer application allows musicians and computer users a means to create original guitar music via a graphical user interface. Musical scores created with GuitarBot Composer can be exported to a format which the GuitarBot device can then play. This easy-to-use interface, which includes many advanced options, makes the GuitarBot Composer software a very powerful tool.

GuitarBot Composer users have full control over the settings of their songs. Users can include options such as note quavers, note slides, timing signatures, and tempo settings. The user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface also allows common functions such as movable notes, adjustable bar dividers and copy/paste functionality.

This stand-alone application was created with C++/MFC and was tested to run on Windows 95/98/2K/ME platforms. Included with the software are help files and tutorials to aid users, along with sample sound files and a built in graphical metronome.



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