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Automated Form Conversion System
PureEdge Group
Ping Xu Martin Ntiyamira Jaime Dosil



PureEdge Solutions Ltd.

Project Abstract

The Automated Form Conversion System is a tool built for PureEdge, a company that uses electronic forms, digital signatures, and web solutions to create trusted digital relationships. PDF forms are one of the most widely used forms by companies and organizations.

The system converts PDF formatted forms into PureEdge's standard XFDL Internet forms. The system is a standalone Java application that extracts form elements and their attributes from a PDF file and reproduces them into an XFDL file creating a carbon copy of the original form.

The system assists PureEdge employees in the conversion process, allowing them to use their time and resources more efficiently. The tool features both single form conversion and batch processing. The tool enables PureEdge to convert PDF forms quickly and effectively allowing them to extend their services to a wider range of customers.


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