The Capstone Symposium on December 6th 2001 was a great success!

Thank you to all involved who helped it run so smoothly.

Below are some pictures taken at the Symposium ...
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A smooth and efficient move and setup got the Symposium up and running quickly and set it off to a great start.

Groups and Their Displays

Erik Browning and Alan Curtis, project teammates of Carrie Williams, demonstrate the Transparent Project Tracking System that they developed.

The GuitarBot Composer development team of Rob Dunsmuir, Dolim Chow and Graham Davis present their project, a music composition program to be used in conjunction with a guitar-playing robot.

Evette Patchett and Peter Stirton explain their project, a number of updates and modifications to GeoExplore mapping client program, to interested visitors. Colin Bussanich (not depicted) is also on the GeoExplore team.

Trinity Folland (at left in picture) of the Monk Office Supply project worked with Steve Burgess and Ted Corpus to develop the Mobile Inventory Tracking System.

Jeremy Nussle and David Porter demonstrate the Foster Parents Training Program Registration System they developed.

Kamran Kazempour, Janice Jeffries and Angela de Hoog of the StockDynamo team show off their project. Alexis Reitsma (not shown) is the fourth member of their team.

Jaime Dosil (right) and Martin Ntiyamira (below right) display their Automated Form Conversion System, on which they worked with Ping Xu (not in picture).

The following projects, not shown in pictures, were also on display at the Symposium:

Other Pictures

With thanks to EVERYONE who made it all possible.

And the food ...

The Capstone symposium and the GuitarBot project received media recognition in the form of an article in the Times Colonist. Click on the picture below to read the full article in a new window.

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