Team AOK Consulting : Aidan Gordon, Olaf Mullenders, Kevin Clark


CivicInfo BC is a non-profit information service for local governments in British Columbia. Employees from nearly all of BC’s 181 local governments use this service. Their web site experiences over 110,000 page views per month by people looking to research and exchange information regarding local governance throughout British Columbia. “The main goal of CivicInfo BC is to encourage and facilitate the free exchange of local government information, which is done primarily through this web site.”

Like any organization, CivicInfo BC is constantly seeking ways to improve both the quality and quantity of the service it provides to its members. It has recently been proposed that a portal system be designed for the existing web site at This portal will allow the users of the site to log in and have a fully customized interface from which to work. Users will be able to set which information will be displayed on their opening page and where it will be displayed.

The benefits associated with the implementation of this portal are twofold. The first being an increased level of service provided to CivicInfo BC users. The second benefit is that this portal will provide a test case for using a new database being considered for future migration of the whole site.

Civic Info BC

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