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MYRA is a major reseller of sun server Systems. When they sell these systems they also offer extended coverage agreements called Sun Service. These agreements basically function as an added level of insurance and cover any hardware or software failures that arise and provide fast support to minimize downtime losses and repair costs. Considering the amount of money being invested in these machines, these agreements are strongly desired by the client base.

Currently, Sun Service sales and support is overly complex and segmented. There is a strong need for an integrated system that will incorporate the sales and support processes into a single application. This system will be called the Sun Service System (SSS).

The SSS will empower Sun Service Sales Reps and Sun Service Technical Support to
· Sell more Sun Service agreements
· Manage larger workloads
· Respond to alerts in a shorter timeframe
· Manage more customers simultaneously
· Create and manage documents and information automatically
· Query customer and equipment information
· Create reports based on queried information

System features have been divided into a series of product releases; the Capstone Project Team will be responsible for the first release, which will include such features as
· Creating Equipment Maintenance System
· Building Customer Quote System

SSS will be running on a Sun Enterprise Server with Solaris OS, running Oracle, Tomcat and Apache to provide web content. The interface will be web-based using JSP, XML and Servlets

MYRA Systems
Sun Service

Team Sun Service:

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