Camosun College Co-op Department
Student Employability Success Project


CIMS, a Co-operative Education Information Management System, originally designed to assist Co-op staff, has been expanding to assist students from Camosun College to access, store and query information relating to the job search process.

The CIMS Student Employability Success Project is an initiative created by Brad Erikson of the Co-op Department at Camosun College. Its mandate is to further assist students in job development and provide greater functionality for Co-op staff and potential employers.

The Omega Capstone Team consisting of Scott Van Achte, Gulnar Jamal, and Kris Waugh will be providing design insight and adding three new components to CIMS. The components, in order of priority, are creating and implementing a Student Contact Manager, Technical On-line Forums and News Banners. The working environment will be ColdFusion and SQL Server with a web-based front end.

The current CIMS system lacks these additional features that would prove useful in assisting students with their academic and employment careers. The primary users of CIMS are Co-op students, Alumni, Faculty, non Co-op students, and Co-op staff members.

Camosun College Co-op Department
Student Employability Success Project

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