Sierra Systems Group Inc
Genesis Team: Thor Guenther, Sandra Patricia Hunter, Jenny Leitch


Sierra Systems is one of North America’s leading management consulting and systems integration firms, and is a company that is based on integrity and a businesslike approach. Sierra’s consultants deliver business solutions on a global basis.

As an implementation service to customers, Sierra envisages an extensive bug tracking and testing system that will be developed in phases. The first phase of the application, called eBug, allows users to document and track errors, or “bugs,” found in the system, and to also track corrections made to errors. eBug is already complete. The second phase, called eScript, supports the management of the testing process by creating standardized test script templates and test scripts to define testers’ activities. Top Camosun College Computer Science students will develop eScript as a final academic project, with the support of instructors and advisors.

eScript will provide a new level of comfort and support for clients of Sierra Systems, and thereby improve Sierra’s market standing. Sierra considers eScript to be a very feasible development project due to the extremely low fees required by Camosun College, and the previous assessments of its value. It is the opinion of Sierra Systems that the benefits far outweigh the costs for this project.

The project began on Sept 3, 2002 and will be completed by Dec 6, 2002.

Sierra Systems Group Inc

Genesis Team:

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