Webcentric Claims Solution
Webcentric Team: Michael Drewlo, Christopher Dawes, Lee Davis

The purpose of the Webcentric Claims Solution is to record and track Insurance Company claims activity in order to facilitate communication between Insurance companies and claims participants. Claim participants include auto body shops, glass shops, towing companies, rental companies, and the claim initiator.

Our client is the sole proprietor of E-fficient Solutions, and he has spent more than fifteen years in the car insurance industry. His experience gives him a great understanding of what tools could enhance and speed up the already lengthy and verbose aspects of handling car insurance claims. Over the last two years he has been developing and refining a web portal concept that will increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating data replication and procedural repetition.

The Webcentric Capstone Team will develop the first two modules of the Webcentric Claims Solution. The first defines the roles and permissions that will be applied to the various users, and the second is the basic creation and management of insurance claims. This second module will encompass the basic features of the application; create and update the claim file, and add customers, Insurance Companies and vendors to the system.

Webcentric Claims Solution

Team Webcentric:
Christopher Dawes
Michael Drewlo
Lee Davis


Faculty Advisor:
Suzanne Baril