Capstone Client Information

If you are interested in submitting a project proposal please read this information and contact us with any questions.


The Camosun College Computer Systems Technology Program trains professional computer programmers and analysts who find work in the information technology sector. Students in the program acquire industry experience through Co-op or an Internship work experience. They also work directly with an industry client through the "Capstone" programming project.
The Capstone project is a group of credit courses, which have been offered since 1983 and have produced results for several hundred government and private sector organizations, many of whom have returned with new projects or extended previous projects.

Time lines:

In the fall of each year we solicit project proposals from any interested parties. Prospective clients (any company, organization, group, or individual) may submit a project proposal at any time. A review team (made up of Camosun Computer Science faculty) will review all submitted projects and recommend acceptance, modification or rejection of a project for Capstone. Accepted projects will be posted about mid-December each year for student team review. The student Capstone teams start projects in January and complete them in June.

Getting Ready for Capstone - Students:

During the fall term (Sept - Dec) we will solicited project from industry. Approved projects will be posted on a web server for students to examine. Clients and students will come together for a day to discuss the projects in a similar fashion to "Speed Dating" events. At the end of the meeting, the client and the student team will provide the instructor with their top 3 choices. The instructor will inform the client and team of the match up.

Becoming a Capstone Client:

If your organization is interested in submitting a project for a student team, please read this document and complete the submission form. If you have any questions please contact us. A project proposal may be submitted at any time but our department review committee selects projects once each year.  There is no cost to submitting a project. We do ask for a $300 contribution to the Capstone Symposium Showcase for projects that have been accepted and are being developed.

Capstone Courses (student perspective)

Fall Term (September to December).
Students form project teams, prepare resumes or portfolios and review approved projects. A team may solicited their own project client as long as the project gets approved by the department using the same review process and deadlines as all project submissions.

ICS 298:  Winter Term (January to April).
The project groups will work part time with the support of the client contact, a faculty supervisor and the course instructor to complete the requirements gathering phase of the project. Students will also start preparing for their final Capstone Symposium at the end of June. It is important to remember that students are enrolled in other courses during this term. About 20% of their time is available to work on the project.

Students typically need to meet with and/or talk to clients and stakeholders at least once per week during throughout this process.

ICS 299: Spring Term (May to June)
The project team will move on to the implementation phases of the project . The project must be complete and ready for display and presentation at the Capstone symposium. Final release of all project deliverables to the client are also due at this time.

During this term the majority of the student's work load is dedicated to the Project.