Capstone Client Responsibilities

If you are interested in submitting a project proposal please read this information and contact us with any questions.


The client must commit to providing adequate resources for the successful completion of the project. This includes any hardware or software not normally available to students at Camosun College. (Any hardware or software provided by the client for use by the project team remains the property of the client.) If required, subject to availability of space, client hardware could be located at the college during the Capstone process. In other cases, work space and access for a student team could be provided at the client's site.

More importantly, the client must be prepared to commit his/her own time to meet with the student project team on a regular basis - typically weekly. In addition to regular meetings, emails and other forms of communication must be addressed. The student team will work with the client to establish a communication plan that works for all parties. It is critical to maintain an open communication with the student project team while they formulate their understanding of the project and complete each phase in the project cycle.

Project Size:

The project size should match the available team hours (a 3-person project team will spend about 2 person months on the planning and analysis phase and 6 person months on the design and implementation phase). Teams of three works best, but other sizes of two or more would be considered. An important aspect of the Capstone projects is the development of team skills, hence the minimum 2-person size restriction. Ideally the project should be large enough that all team members must work full time on their component and must rely on their co-workers to deliver some of the other project components.


Students should be responsible for much of the analysis and design decisions. This is an opportunity for the students to learn project management skills as well as to apply knowledge gained in systems analysis and software engineering courses.

Project Areas:

No restriction. Projects in unique or specialized areas are encouraged.


After you submit a project, the project will be reviewed for appropriateness - size, content, and so forth. If the review committee feels your submitted project does not meet the necessary criteria but would be well received by the students, you will be given the opportunity to modify your proposal or withdraw it. Once the project is submitted, a meeting will be set up at the College with all the clients and all the student teams. At this meeting, each client will meet with each team for 10 - 15 minutes to discuss the project. Think of it like speed dating. At the end of the meeting, you will be requested to provide the Capstone project course instructor your top three teams. The students will also provide the instructor with their top three project choices. Should you feel that there is no team suitable for your project, you may withdrawal your submission. Please check out the timeline link to see approximate dates.


There is no charge to submit a project proposal. Normally we will approve a few more projects than we have project teams. If your project is selected and you agree to accept the project team there is a $300 symposium fee, to cover the costs of the Capstone symposium. Camosun College will bill clients once project work commences.
The $300 symposium fee is not adequate funding to hold a symposium but we do not wish to eliminate potential clients by raising the fee too high. Students may be asking organizations for sponsorship funds to assist with the cost of running the symposium. There is no obligation for any client to pay more than the $300 fee. All other contributions are gratefully accepted.


All project products produced by students are placed under public domain with the College. We do not require the students to enter into any non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or sign away their IP. However, if the students agree to sign away ownership, clients are encouraged to discuss proprietary or non-disclosure issues with students, and have all parties sign appropriate agreements before starting a project. The agreement should allow the students to present their work to faculty, sponsors and other students, allow students to include their work in their portfolio and not exclude the student for employment with any industry. A copy of any signed agreements needs to be delivered to the Capstone instructor to be filed with the department.