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Welcome to Capstone 2003 web site
What is the Capstone Project ?
The Capstone Project is the pinnacle course in Camosun College's Computer Systems Technology Program. The course is unique in that students develop solutions for business problems, in cooperation with local businesses, industry and government. Software products produced during the Capstone Project are intended for profit or internal-use by sponsoring companies / organizations.
Capstone Symposium
Every year the Computer Science Department of Camosun College, through its Computer Systems Technology Program sponsors the Capstone Symposium. The symposium is a showcase for students to display their skills to industry, potential employers and the public. Various private companies, government agencies and individuals submit projects. In past years, this event has been positively received and well attended by many business professionals.

Symposium Location & Schedule
Date : December 12, 2003

Location :
Holiday Inn Victoria
3020 Blanshard St.
Victoria, B.C.

Directions : Map

Parking : Guest parking is available

Symposium Schedule:
10:00 AM -
Doors Open
10:30 AM -
Official Greetings and Special Guest Speaker
11:30 AM -
Food and Refreshments Served
3:00 PM -
Doors Close
Presentation Schedule:
10:30 AM -
Guest Speaker
10:50 AM -
11:10 AM -
11:30 AM -
Career Shop
11:50 AM -
12:10 PM -
Avue Technologies
12:30 PM -
Door-Prizes Announced
12:40 PM -
MSRM Aquatic Information Branch
1:10 PM -
Circuit Analyst
1:30 PM -
1:50 PM -
Thrifty Foods
2:10 PM -
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