Information and Computer Systems

Capstone Project

For over 30 years, Camosun’s Computer Systems Programs have successfully matched up industry, government and not-for-profit organizations with senior students to complete a final software project. With newly acquired skills, these students are ready to provide a solution for many business problems and are looking for real-world experience to hone those skills.


The Capstone process not only offers a meaningful learning experience to our students, but also allows our valued industry partners to tap into the resources and talents of our students. This presents an excellent opportunity for organizations to develop and recruit talented new graduates with company-specific knowledge. Over a period of six months, our second-year students work in teams on projects proposed by a variety of organizations. For four months, they will analyze and design a solution, followed by two months of implementation. Most projects are completed by the end of June. Students may work off-site, at your organization, during the final two months of implementation. In addition to you, the sponsor, an instructor in the Computer Science Department serves as an advisor for the student team.


ICS Capstone Team

Address: Victoria, BC