For over 30 years, Camosun’s Computer Systems Programs have successfully matched up industry, government and not-for-profit organizations with senior students to complete a final software project. With newly acquired skills, these students are ready to provide a solution for many business problems and are looking for real-world experience to hone those skills.

Prior to the start of term, Sponsors submit a project proposal to be reviewed by the faculty of the Computer Science Department for suitability.

During the first week of the course, teams and selected sponsors come together in a meet and great. At the end, each person expressed an interest in a project and in a team. Upon a successful match, a faculty supervisor is assigned to the project to help the students with project management.

Throughout the project, the students and the sponsors work closely together. Feedback is provided to the team by the sponsor and supervisor.

At the end of the project, the team will delivery the final project. The students organize a showcase where they present and demo their projects to the community. Also, the supervisor and sponsor provide an evaluation and a portion of the teams final grade.

cap-stone [kap-stohn] (noun)

  • the crowning achievement, point, element, or event.