BC Emergency Health Services

Ambulance Redesign Project

Our project is focused on improving the ergonomics and quality of life for the paramedics in the BCEHS ambulances. We were tasked with improving the storage solutions of the ambulances and improving the spaces for the storage of the paramedics personal effects in the front cab area. This led to us redesigning the layout of everything that was stored in the front cab and making the best use of the space.

Our design will be essential for the development of the ambulance fleet in the province of British Columbia over the next five years. This study will influence and improve the paramedics efficiency and comfort while they provide their services to the community.

Angus Boyd-Porter

Santiago Castro Joya

He is a 21 years old colombian student that is passionate about how things work, physics and soccer. He is the team leader of Team FALSe and is constantly supporting and motivating his teammates in order to deliver a successful project. He believes that he has to keep reinventing himself and that the current Capstone project is a perfect opportunity to learn new important skills. His goals are pursuing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and creating his own business to make the world a better place to live.

Paul Fuller

Logan Kufeldt

Logan is a 22 year old student from Calgary, Alberta. He is the prototype manager for team FALSe, and focuses on designing effective solutions from the ground up for the BCEHS ambulances. His lifelong passion for building, designing, and creating has made him well suited for his role within the team. He also brings experience from previous work in mechanics to this project that has helped guide the team through the project, especially during the prototyping phase.

Lovjeet Dhunna

Franz Hsieh

Franz is 20 years old, from Taiwan, came to Canada 5 years ago to study. His role in team FALSe is the CAD manager. Back in the summer of 2020, he was assisting his parents’ company back in Taiwan as a CAD manager, mainly generating Solidwork drawings and coming up with solutions for their product. He was lucky enough to have that opportunity to work with Solidwork, and those experiences will bring in benefits when team FALSe enter the designing stage of their project. “I just want to say that I’m super happy to be able to work with these awesome people on this significant project that’s gonna benefit all the paramedics in BC.” - Franz H

Yami Hsu

Abdul Elmasry

Abdul is a 22 year old Mechanical Engineering student from Egypt, he has been in Canada for 11 years, he is outgoing, passionate, and always ready to help. Abdul is the Reports and information manager of Team FALSe, he is responsible for the final products of all reports and notes, and also responsible for gathering all the correct information related to this project.


Specific Mechanical Systems

BC Emergency Health Services is an essential federal organization of the province of British Columbia. This institution provides pre-hospital services including ambulatory assistance and first responder intervention. BCEHS is saving lives daily and is the first health care professional that emergency patients come in contact with.