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Cascadia Seaweed

Kelp Seed Launcher V2.0

JHAM engineering is working with Cascadia Seaweed to improve the efficiency of their kelp seeding process through the development of a new kelp seed launcher. The current kelp seed launcher involves manual operations that require stoppages to cut and re-tie lines, which in addition to standard delays, also leads to tangles with and damage to adjacent production lines due to vessel drift.

The new design will allow 300m of seed line to pay out while wrapping around the production line, minimizing the stops. The seed line will be tensioned without constant contact with the delicate seedlings and will produce an even wrap around the production lines. The design consists of an adjustable L-shaped frame with a revolving mechanism holding multiple spools of seed line mounted to a Scotty downrigger setup. This new launcher will increase the efficiency with which Cascadia can seed their seaweed farms, by eliminating the need to cut production lines during deployment.

Angus Boyd-Porter

Justin Tomlinson

With my background in robotics, I’m stoked to be working on an all-mechanical project! I joined the mechanical engineering program to broaden my perspective of manufacturing with hopes of pursuing automation later on.

Paul Fuller

Huu Duong Nguyen

I am a Vietnamese international student with a background in mathematics and biology, but later on switched to pursuing mechanical engineering. I’m interested in understanding and working out the science behind mechanical design problems, and hopefully in the future I could incorporate what I have learned into designing sporting equipment.

Lovjeet Dhunna

Anika Andersen

While working at CFB Esquimalt in high school I found my love of machining, which paired well with my aptitude for math and science. The combination of using my logic and interest in building led me to Camosun's Mechanical Engineering Tech program.

Yami Hsu

Marshel Glidden

My love of automotive mechanics led me to the Camosun Mechanical Engineering program. I enjoy solving problems, and I bring a wide breadth of experience to the team from time spent in the trades, and countless hours of tinkering with cars and motorcycles.


Specific Mechanical Systems

Our intention is to be the largest cultivator of seaweed in North America, and to develop the most nutritious and tasty seaweed-based human food products, while also exploring other profitable verticals for our cultivated seaweed. By growing a large quantity of high quality seaweed, we can contribute to revitalizing human health, improving coastal communities and healing the earth. We believe that ocean farming is the future of food. We are pioneers in this new, innovative sector in British Columbia.