QM & 2D Engineering

Hang Gliding Simulator

We will design and build a virtual reality based hang gliding simulator capable of supporting up to two people. We also plan to design in space for upgrades to allow disabled people to experience hang gliding; and the simulator to be used for training purposes.

Angus Boyd-Porter

Mingrui Qin

Mingrui Qin is assigned to be the team lead for the hang glider simulator. He is a person with definitive skill with 3D sketches, organization, and leadership. Interests in solid works designing, and manufacturing. He is currently taking a mechanical engineering technology program at Camosun College. He likes everything that is related to mechanics. He is good at manipulating ability. He is in his last semester of mechanical engineering technology at Camosun College.

Paul Fuller

Deng Jiang

I am 22 years old and I am from China. What got me interested in Mechanical Engineering Technology was my passion for building things with my hands and interest in mechanical technologies. I am excited to be working on this project as our manufacturing manager.

Lovjeet Dhunna

Derek Schelthy

I am 23 years old and am from Castlegar B.C. I moved to Victoria to pursue my education towards mechanical engineering and am hoping to continue through the bridge program to UVIC once this semester is finished. I have always been interested in physics and how the world works which drove me towards engineering. I decided to go with mechanical engineering because I would love to design and manufacture something that I can put out into the world. That is why I am excited to be working on the hang glider simulator and be the CAD manager for the project.

Yami Hsu

Matthew Purse

I am 25 years old, and from Victoria. I enjoy building, either small or large projects. I also enjoy programming: predominantly with Excel and it is a goal of mine to learn Python. My enjoyment of building is what made me choose the mechanical engineering program. My proficiency with Excel is why I chose to be the group accountant.


Specific Mechanical Systems

vWing is a start-up company that provides a flying experience aided with virtual reality technology. Our hang glider device allows people to simulate piloting a hang glider in a safe, non-weather-dependent manner. Users feel that they are really flying but under the safe and comfortable conditions of being on the ground. The product is under development aiming to build a professional simulator for training purposes.