Vancouver Island Engineering

Green Room Body Co.

Shampoo Bar Production

Equipment designed to improve shampoo bar production for Green Room Body Co.

Angus Boyd-Porter

Arturo Farias

Arturo is a passionate and motivated Mechanical Engineering student at Camosun College in Victoria, BC. He has a strong work ethic as well as a strong understanding of mechanics. He has developed a few projects from scratch over the years such as a carbon fiber bamboo bike frame. Designing and inventing is his main motivation and he is looking forward to applying such skills in the engineering field.

Paul Fuller

Faith Victoria Homsab

Born and raised in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. Faith Homsab is a Mechanical Engineering Technology student from Camosun College who plans to bridge to UBC and become certified as a professional engineer. Faith has always had both a strong passion and interest in applied sciences and technical innovation since a young age. She hopes to inspire and empower young girls to pursue a career in a male-dominated industry like engineering. In the future, she would love to serve as a mentor to help educate and expose the younger generation to STEM.

Lovjeet Dhunna

Gursimran Singh Pharwaha

Gursimran Singh Pharwaha spent his childhood in Punjab, India. He was a Mechanical Engineering student at Camosun College from 2019-2021. Having a strong mechanical family background helped him to begin the specific program of Mechanical Engineering. He has extensive experience in CAD and 3D modeling from the last 2 years, making him the lead of CAD modeling for the capstone project. His knowledge and understanding of design allows him to design intricate 3D models. Lastly, Gursimran's dream is to become a professional engineer and designer.


Specific Mechanical Systems

Green Room Body Co. is a local manufacturer of eco-friendly body care products based in Victoria, BC, founded by Danielle Lapointe in 2018. The company focuses on sustainably-packed and travel-friendly products like shampoo and multi-use conditioner bars. Green Room Body Co.’s mission is to reduce consumption and to encourage conscious consumerism. Future plans for business and product-line expansions with local vendors has invoked a request for proposals, where the client is seeking an upgraded shampoo bar production process that is faster and easier. Currently, our client, Green Room Body Co., faces extreme production inefficiencies due to the material and function of the mold, labour-intensive manual pressing, and inconsistency of the final shampoo bar product. Our team will semi-automate a universal soap cutting and stamping machine intended to fulfill the company’s needs for speed, quality, accuracy, and repeatability. We anticipate increasing the client’s current production rates, allowing Green Room Body Co. to expand into wholesale production for local vendors in the greater Vancouver Island region.