Key12 Peter Burrage

Project Description

Key12 has been tasked with modernizing and streamlining a course management page for students in the Civil Engineering program at Camosun for sponsor Peter Burrage, a Civil Engineering professor. This Capstone Project Group is formed of Bruno Koloska, Chase Frechette, Benjamin Thompson and Dylan Taje. The group is called Key12, and was actually formed in summer of 2017 (minus Chase) for ICS 199. The members created a database-driven site that “sold” video games for download. Chase was added to the group in January 2018.

Bruno Koloska

Bruno leapt into the world of computers in grade 9, taking the IT courses at Mt Doug. He learned how to take apart computers and put them back together as well as basic programming in C++, Java, and HTML/CSS. After graduation he took further Java courses at Camosun’s Lansdowne campus before starting the ICS program at Interurban. Since then Bruno has expanded his programming knowledge, and hopes to land a tech job somewhere in Victoria. Failing that he’ll just keep washing dishes in student cafes.

Chase Frechette

Chase has a broad skill set including technical writing, problem solving, team management, and coding. His interest in software developed through sitting in front of his computer for many hours at a time with little more than World of Warcraft and Redbull keeping him company. He figured why not get paid for doing something he already does anyway. Chase is a cute manager and always wants to see the team succeed. After completing this diploma, he hopes to create an app and sell it for a billion dollars.

Benjamin Thompson

Ben has been interested in computers for many years now. After learning the basics of programing in high school, he decided to apply for the ICS program. Since he has been in the program, he has expanded his programming knowledge. Once he has graduated from the program, he plans to expand his knowledge more by joining the workforce, either in Web Development or App Development.

Dylan Taje

Dylan has always had a passion for video games, and has always wanted to learn about game development. He spends most of his time playing MMOs and Strategy games. Dylan joined the ICS program to get a solid foundation for computer programming. Throughout the ICS program Dylan has learned a lot of new things such as: Java, Python and C. He hopes to be able to use the skills he has learned to develop games professionally.

Key12 hopes to meet all its goals and create a robust, long-lasting solution for Team Sponsor Peter Burrage. Key12 would also like to thank Prof. Burrage for giving them the opportunity to expand their horizons and polish their skills.