Matching Minds Market Day

Project Description

Matching Minds is excited to work with Adam Beech to create Market Day, an online platform to advertise local businesses and markets through a web/mobile app. Our aim is to help people find great businesses locally. When the app development will be completed, Market Day will display different markets in an organized and structured way to keep users informed about ongoing markets and fairs.

Avneet Singh Gill

Avneet moved to Canada two years ago to become a successful engineer. He had some experience in C++ that made him love programming. He always creatively solves the tasks that are assigned to him and ensures the quality of his work, being an asset to the team.


At the age of seventeen, Harshika moved to Canada to live a better life. She came to ICS program with little knowledge of computing. Since she came to Camosun, she has gained various skills to work in the exciting world of information technology. In general, she is a nature-loving person and loves to do art in her leisure time.

Taranjit Kaur Gidda

Programming is in her blood, as her dad was computer trainer for over 20 years, which influenced her to study computers in high school. Further, she came to Canada for her higher education as she would like to pursue Robotics in her future. In her leisure time, she loves to listen to music and watch movies.

Tony Byju

Tony was born and raised in India and opted to come to Canada for his higher studies after high school. He got interested in programming when he learned C language in Grade 9. In future, he would like to pursue software development as his career.

Matching Minds would like to thank Adam Beech along with Saryta Schaerer, and Tech Department of Camosun College for giving us a chance to experience real IT world through Capstone. Further, we hope to see more progress on this application.