The Spuds Project SMILE

Project Description

The Spuds are excited to pair with Matthew Riddett and Dale Chan on Project SMILE (Simple and Motivating Interactive Literacy Education) to create a mobile learning application designed for children with autism. By providing a visual way to share their interests with their parents and educators, it aims to solve learning challenges for children with non-verbal autism.

Mark De Stephanis

Mark recognized his interest in computer science while taking introductory programming classes at his high school and decided to enroll in the Information and Computer Systems program at Camosun. His experience prior to the ICS program consists predominantly of game development and web design. He enjoys learning new programming languages and loves to code in Java and Python.

Tim Evoy

Tim discovered where his interests lay while in the ICS program: web application development and UI/UX Design. He enjoys learning new technologies, watching movies, and staring at the world map while plotting his next travels. He is eager to utilize his newly-acquired skill set to help promote the growth of technology in the city of Victoria.

Rachel Mason

Rachel developed a keen interest in computers at a young age. She worked as a dental assistant before realizing her true passion for computer science. She decided to enroll in the Information and Computer Systems program after reading an Objective-C book. She loves to program in C, C++, C#, and Java, and hopes to gain employment in the field of systems administration and security.

Ryan Robillard

Ryan is intrigued by technology and began tinkering with computers when he was young. He first got a taste of working with tech when he enlisted in the navy as a communications specialist. His experience in the navy motivated him to pursue a career in software development. He is excited to graduate from Camosun and move into the workforce.

The Spuds would like to thank Michael Horie and the rest of the Camosun faculty for their hard work and dedication in providing us with the skills needed to succeed in the industry. They would also like to thank the SMILE project sponsors, Matthew Riddett and Dale Chan, for providing them with a fantastic learning opportunity.