Barn School Julia Morgan

Project Description

Julia Morgan lives in Victoria. Her journey began with her own son, who was non-verbal and diagnosed as severely autistic and is now an outgoing, talkative and confident little boy, a transformation that Julia credits to the horses because learning to connect with his environment more like a horse would. The connections between her son and horses inspired her to start the barn school. So, she can help the non-verbal students through the barn school. The team Manveer and Abhishek are going to connecting the children with each other by adding some new features in the barn school website. Team is excited to see the happiness on the non-verbal children by making connections between them through the website.

Manveer Kaur Dhaliwal

Manveer grew up in India. She has always aspired to pursue a career in tech industry. She came to Canada to fulfil her dream. She loves the challenge and She is ready to tackle the wonders of tech industry. Manveer is planning to work as a web developer and database administrator after finishing the ICS program.

Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek came to Canada in August 2016 to pursue his dream to be full stack developer. He loves solving daily life analytical problems. In his free time, he likes troubleshooting computers, playing chess hiking. He is planning to work as a web or mobile application developer after graduation.

Team would like to thank Julia Morgan and Saryta Schaerer who gave the opportunity to apply their skills which is they learned from Information and computer system program.