Dark Black Dirk Britton

Project Description

In order for restaurants to succeed they need to ensure that they are keeping proper records of inventory, sales, and expenses. Current commercial options are complicated, expensive, and time- consuming. This leads to many people resorting to excel or other makeshift management systems. This is why Dirk Britton, our sponsor, is hoping to address these issues by streamlining the management process as much as possible through the web application he made called DarkBlack. Our project is to add a feature to this application that makes it even more complete and more helpful to its users.

Michael Godby

Michael first got into Information Technology after taking a course in it in high school where he learned how to design websites, make 3d models and some basic programming. He enjoyed the creative aspect of Information Technology and decided to enroll in the Information and Computer Systems course at Camosun College to improve his skills. While taking the course he became aware that he enjoyed game development above all else and hopes to get a career in it. Michael’s hobbies consist of drawing, making comics, playing video games and hiking.

Lawrence Garcia

Lawrence has always been interested into technology since he was a kid. He took an IT course in high school and has really got into developing websites. He chose the ICS Program to improve his web skills and learn more about programming. His plan is to have a career in this field in the future and be successful in it. Lawrence is a good problem solver, great team player, and often thinks creatively for the team. His hobbies are playing multiplayer computer games, watching TV shows, and playing sports.

Anthony Wilson

Anthony has always been interested in working in the technology field. He decided to enroll in the ICS program right after high-school in hopes of learning more about IT, web design, and software development. In the future he hopes to work as a software developer or web applications developer.

We would like to thank our sponsor Dirk Britton and Camosun College for providing us with the opportunity to work on this project. Through it we will gain valuable experience that will help us down the road in our IT future.