Sabalabs Geof Lee

Project Description

The current market for Radio Frequency Spectrum Analyzers is limited to corporate consumers due to a massive price point and convoluted user interfaces. Project Spectro, sponsored by Trace Consulting, aims to remedy this exclusivity with a reliable, transparent, and simplistic radio frequency scanner aimed at the average tech-savvy consumer.

Joshua Lang

Josh has been passionate about technology since he was old enough to “use” a computer. What began with taking apart and consequently breaking various gadgets has evolved into work as a computer technician and usually not breaking things. To further his knowledge in software and computer systems, Josh enrolled in the Information and Computer Systems program at Camosun College in 2016. He has since honed his skills in programming in Java/Python/C#, threat assessment, and hardware maintenance/repair. Post-graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in IT security.

David Sabadash

David has been building and dismantling things since he was three years old. By six, he was the first person in the household to understand how to set up a VCR, router, and stereo system. David has experience prior to Camosun’s ICS program in graphic design, HTML, and robotics. Since then, he has discovered a passion for UI development, server administration, and 3D modelling. He hopes to find a career as a back-end programmer for video games or develop novel hardware and software products with a company.

Jared Shackleton

After graduating as valedictorian, Jared decided to pursue his passion for technology by enrolling into the CST (subsequently renamed to ICS) program. He was born to a military family here on Vancouver Island and moved all around the country before coming back to the island to finish his schooling. Upon graduation, Jared hopes to pursue a career in network security.

Team Sabalabs would like to thank Geoff Lee and Carol Weller for offering such a unique opportunity. The team would also like to thank Lynda Robbins, Saryta Schaerer, and the ICS faculty for their continued support.