Team Zero

Team Zero is delighted to work with Camosun Innovates’ Matthew Zeleny and the Victoria-based company Media One. Media One is currently hosting all video content related to the art piece known as the Witness Blanket. Our sponsor Camosun Innovates was approached by Media One with the goal of creating a system to manage this video content.

For this project, we are creating a web application that will allow users to access and categorize videos from a private Vimeo playlist. By providing a custom video curation interface, this application will serve as an efficient way of curating large amounts of video content. Once the project is completed and deployed, it will be used as a tool for building school curriculums about residential schools and the Witness Blanket.

Logan Toohey

... Logan has lived in the Greater Victoria area for most of his life. Due to the considerable tech presence he enrolled at Camosun to pursue a career in software development. He is primarily interested in database management with a focus on database design, while his interests extend into other topics such as machine learning and project management.

Brayden Marshall


Brayden moved from Prince George to Victoria three years ago to go to Camosun and pursue a career in software development. His primary focus is on back-end web development, but he is interested in many other programming topics such as compiler development and mathematical programming.

Quang Pham
... Quang Huy Pham has been involved with the Information and Computer System program in Camosun College for one and a half years. He moved from Vietnam to Victoria in late 2018. His favourite area of programming is web application development, especially front-end web development. However, he also enjoys game development and application development..

Our team would like to thank Media One, Camosun Innovates, and Matthew Zeleny for this opportunity. We are delighted with this project as the experience gained will no doubt be of great value to us in the future.