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BC Games Torch

The BC Games Society (https://www.bcgames.org/) is looking to replace their "games torches". The intent of the torches is to provide the host community with a tangible asset that they can use to rally community enthusiasm around the upcoming Games. As such, the torches will be used as a prop in photo opportunities and may be paraded through the community.

Camosun Innovates has tasked us with creating the proof of concept for a handheld weather resistant torch. This proof of concept needs to show that we have designed a system that meets the burn time, flame type and safety requirements provided by the BC Games Society, their client. As this torch will be used in the summer and winter games ceremonies, our design needs to be reliable and appealing to the public.

Researching past Olympic and decorational torches, along with modern gas burners and lighters, has allowed us to define and meet these requirements. Our design incorporates an electronic ignition system, space for the later addition of Indegenous art, a safe refueling system and can safely operate while the user runs in the ceremonial lighting of the torch.

Angus Boyd-Porter

Carmina Rocheleau

Mina has always had her head in the clouds and feet on top of a mountain. Mina is a sea kayak guide and climbing instructor who has always had a curiosity for physics and the reasons behind why things are the way they are. Pursuing the studies of mechanical engineering, Mina has a proclivity for statics and mechatronics.

Paul Fuller

Lacey Reay

Lacey grew up on a cattle ranch in the East Kootenays, where she learned a hands-on approach to life. Throughout highschool, Lacey’s time was divided between the basketball courts and shop wing, where she was introduced to metalworking, carpentry and drafting. These hobbies played a large part in her decision to pursue the Mechanical Engineering Technologies program. Lacey can be found on her motorcycle whenever she has free time and intends to make working on bikes her newest hobby turned passion.

Chris O'Connor

Chris O’Connor

Chris has always had an interest in how technology works and has always taken the chance to pull something apart. As his interests have matured, he is learning to put them together. From trades and shop programs throughout highschool to becoming a Mechanical Technologist, he enjoys a hands-on approach to challenges presented to him.

Yami Hsu

Adrian Houghton

Adrian grew up in Squamish, BC and developed a penchant for all things metalwork, math and physics in his later years of highschool. Upon graduation he moved into the trades and although seeing the fruits of his labour was enjoyable, he hopes to find engineering even more fulfilling. He enjoys challenging projects that require a lot of time and dedication. Adrian is excited to be able to apply this love of problem solving to the iconic BC games torch. His primary focus in this project is on the material specification and manufacturing of the torch.


Specific Mechanical Systems

Camosun Innovates is BC’s first Technology Access Center, offering their services to both local and outside clients. The services Innovates offers ranges from applied research and design to tech-savvy invention. As one of Canada’s leading Applied Research Centers, they are partnered with Camosun to provide applied learning opportunities to students.